Tommy Fury fight LIVE RESULT: TOPLESS John Fury calls out Jake Paul after son’s shocking bout – latest

TOMMY FURY was involved in a shocking fight in Dubai against late-replacement Rolly Lambert.

But ALL of the action took place outside the ring, with Tommy’s dad John Fury taking his shirt OFF and calling out Jake Paul who was on commentary.

Fury shouted: “I am the king of the bare-knuckle fighters.”

While Paul retorted: “Come down here and fight me bro.”

We’ll have all the latest reaction to this right here.


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  • My dad’s bigger than yours

    John Fury summoned his inner Hulkamania as he tore of his t-shirt and called out Jake Paul.

    Demanding the YouTuber turned boxer fight him there and then.

    Paul backed away seemed interested more in a war of words than firsts.

    True WWE vibes here.

  • Double Fury at Jake Paul

    Tommy Fury called out Jake Paul, demanding he get into the ring there and then.

    After his dad tore his t-shirt off and declared himself the bareknuckle king, his son them starts trying to get him, held back by his minders.

    Welcome to……Made in Dubai.

  • Building to the main event

    We wait for the big fight with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Deji.

    The one we have all been waiting for.

    Hopefully more punches thrown than the last fight.

  • The entertainment ramps up

    John Fury tears his t-shirt off like something from WrestleMania and demands Jake Paul jump in the ring now and fight him.

    Declaring himself the bare-knuckle champion and to fight him now.

    Both Tommy and John shout down from the ring to Jake Paul.

    This has now gone full ‘Snatch’.

  • Now for something completely different

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 6)

    It is questionable as to whether bouncers would break this up in a nightclub or not.

    You most definitely wouldn’t be getting thrown out.

    The boxers dance and hug and jab.

    Six rounds of exhibition boxing ends, that was not a ‘must see’.

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 5)

    There is no danger of this breaking out into a fight anytime soon.

    A series of jabs with no weight behind the punches at all.

    The boxers hug it out for most of that round and tap gloves as they walk to their corners.

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 4)

    The crowd to continue to boo which Lambert takes offence to.

    He holds both of his arms in the air in gesture to the crowd.

    I think both boxers may have agreed ‘not the face’ before the contracts were signed for this one.

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 3)

    Both boxers are coming forward with jabs and body shots.

    The crowd start to boo at what they are seeing.

    This is like two people shadow-boxing.

    Jake Paul continues to ridicule this as a spectacle.

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 2)

    Both boxers dance around the ring threatening to throw punches with none actually thrown.

    This seems less than a sparring match right now.

    There may be more punches thrown at your local pub tonight.

    Jake Paul yells abuse at Tommy Fury from ringside which we shall not be able to publish.

  • Rolly Lambert vs Tommy Fury (Round 1)

    So the channel has Jake Paul commentating.

    It seems like someone’s teenage kid has picked up one of the telephones in the other room and wont get off your call.

    This is seeming more of an exhibition match than anything else we have seen as the boxers tap gloves with each other walking off at the end of the round.

  • Both fighters start their ringwalks

    Rolly Lambert is the first into the ring.

    He looks in good shape with his pre-fight training still unknown.

    Closely followed by Tommy Fury into the ring.

  • The co-main event is announced

  • Time for a quick Rolly

    Lambert is a 2013 Law Graduate who won the UBO title on away soil in Ghana, stopping Stephen Abbey in March 2020.

    He retained the title in Dubai last November, defeating Egypt’s Hany Stiyo inside five rounds.

    Rolly Lambert will be looking to showcase his talents this evening.

  • J’Hon Ingram vs Koji Kouzi Tanaka (Round 3)

    For an exhibition match, this is a great watch.

    Both fighters are going for it for the entire final round.

    Kouzi throwing punches too often of somebody who doesn’t box but he is able to take Ingrams punches too.

    That is the end of the final round and both fighters are showing the scrapes of somebody who has been in a fight.

  • J’Hon Ingram vs Koji Kouzi Tanaka (Round 2)

    Koji Kouzi gets far more involved in that round.

    Landing hooks and body shots on his opponent.

    Ingram is always capable of putting in fluid combinations at quick speeds which Kouzi cannot cope with.

    By the end of the round, Koji Kouzi was looking tired.

  • J’Hon Ingram vs Koji Kouzi Tanaka (Round 1)

    It is a weird exhibition match with Tanaka being predominently a kick-boxer by trade.

    Taking any big shots fro J’Hon Ingram should be no issue for him to take however.

    This is a three-round exhibition match.

    Ingram showing some great hand-speed in some of those combinations in that round.

  • J’Hon Ingram vs Koji Kouzi Tanaka

    The next bout is from the Junior Welterweight Division.

    Both boxers look amped and raring to go.

    The undefeated J’Hon Ingram has to be the favourite here.

  • Fury with a challenge ahead tonight

    Rolly Lambert last fought in October, emerging victorious after going the ten round distance with Chaloemporn Sawatsuk.

    He usually weighs in around the 200lbs mark and is likely to be heavier than Tommy Fury.

    On paper, he is a tougher test that Bamba was, it remains unclear if he was training as a reserve or has taken the fight on the extremely short notice without any form of camp.

  • Jadier Herrera declared winner

    Franklin Manzanilla does not come back out of his corner.

    Wise decision by his corner as he was only deteriorating with each punch.

    Well deserved win for Jadier Herrera.

  • Jadier Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla (Round 5)

    Herrera starts the round positively landing a big body punch before going to work on the head.

    You can see that first punch caught Manzanilla by surprise.

    Manzanilla keeps going to ground easily.

    Herrera lands one and sits his opponent on the canvas again.

    Manzanilla goes down again under the jab of Herrera.

  • Jadier Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla (Round 4)

    Mazanilla seems to be tiring now as he takes in big breaths of air.

    He shows some quick combinations as it seems he is looking to try and get this done himself.

    Herrera has been in control but Manzanilla shows he still has bursts of energy to put combinations together to counter attack.

  • Jadier Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla (Round 3)

    The most difficult thing for this referee is to decide what are knockdowns and what are the boxers pushing each other to the floor.

    How Manzanilla got away with throwing two punches after the boxers break and his opponents hands are doing is mental.

    Manzanilla is slipping all of the time like someone has greased the bottom of his boots.

    Herrera still in control here.

  • Jadier Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla (Round 2)

    Manzanilla lands two or three punches after the referee has called ‘break’ to the boxers.

    Herrera’s hands were down at the time.

    This seems to have wound him up and his now looking to make it ‘lights out’ time for Manzanilla.

  • Jadier Herrera vs Franklin Manzanilla (Round 1)

    A bit of afters between the boxers after the bell there.

    Herrera should have won that first round.

    The knock down the telling factor.

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