Upscale growth – seven snakes left deserted in home

The RSPCA has issued a warning over unique pets after seven snakes have been left deserted at a home in Greater Manchester.

A royal python and 6 corn snakes have been discovered sheltering in a entrance room and an upstairs bed room of a property in Railway Street, Heywood.

The proprietor of the reptiles made contact with the RSPCA and his landlord to say he can be leaving his snakes behind as he was transferring dwelling.

Inspectors Catherine Byrnes and Ryan King discovered all seven snakes in wholesome and good situation, regardless of being saved in makeshift plastic tubs and containers.

The proprietor of the reptiles had contacted the RSPCA and his landlord to say he was leaving his animals behind as he was transferring dwelling (Handout/PA)

The 4 grownup corn snakes, two child corn snakes and a python have been collected and brought into the care of a specialist reptile rescue close to Knutsford, Cheshire, on Monday April 25.

The RSPCA warned that many individuals are unaware how a lot of a dedication is required to tackle snakes as pets.

Ms Byrnes mentioned anybody wishing to personal the reptiles ought to analysis the wants of the actual species, and solely contemplate maintaining one if they’ll meet these duties.

She mentioned: “While the wants of the snakes weren’t being met once we discovered them on this property they have been in a great situation and the proprietor had clearly been feeding them.

The RSPCA advises anybody taking over the duty of reptile possession to undertake thorough analysis on the wants of the actual species (Handout/PA)

“To look after snakes you do need to provide a living environment for them with adequate heating, lighting and humidity. We did find some heat mats in a bedroom, but obviously the owner hadn’t got around to using them or housing his snakes properly.”

Ms Byrnes added: “Potential homeowners want to think twice earlier than they undertake snakes and different exotics as a result of they’re specialist animals. You must have the right set-up to take care of them and that you must perceive you might be chargeable for discovering them an appropriate dwelling in case you are unable to proceed caring for them.

“We can help out, but it is not that simple as animals like this can be difficult to rehome.”

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