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Watch a YouTuber Get Wrecked by World’s Strongest Man’s Workout

YouTuber and bodybuilder Matt Morsia, aka MattDoesFitness, and his brother Ben, recently visited Scotland to spend the day training with the current World’s Strongest Man title holder Tom Stoltman and his strongman brother Luke. After agreeing to swap diets for the day, the Stoltmans then coach Matt and Ben through a series of typical strongman events.

The first event is the yoke walk. Given that the wooden frame here is specially made for the Stoltman brothers, it weighs 440 pounds before they even add weight, and Matt is only just able to get his arms around it—although he is then able to carry 660 pounds.

For the second round, the Stoltmans take Matt and Ben outside for their version of the sandbag throw, which involves hurling a beer keg up over their heads, with the goal of clearing the crossbar of a rugby goalpost.

Next up are farmer’s walks. “The trick to doing a farmer’s walk is basically just squeezing your hands as hard as you can, picking them up, and walking with it,” says Tom. “Just squeeze your hands as hard as you can. It’s simple!”

Luke adds that it’s important to grip the handle of the weight in the middle for balance, to engage the lats, and to take short, controlled steps. They continually add weight to the frame, until Matt maxes out at just over 300 pounds. “I feel like a cheese string,” he says. “Like an absolute mess.”

The final event is Atlas stones, and both Matt and Ben are able to do continuous reps with a 264-pound stone, so then Tom brings out 308 pounds, which is where Ben reaches failure.

“Matt picked it up like it was a plastic ball,” says Tom. “It’s big, especially after doing all those reps… It’s great to see these guys here doing strongman stuff.”

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