Watch as van driver takes corner too quickly losing control and SMASHES into a barrier – could you have saved it?

A VAN driver was seen charging around a high-speed bend only for it to all go horribly wrong.

The video, uploaded to the TikTok channel UK_Dash_Cam_Shorts, shows why it’s so easy to get it wrong when driving too fast.

This van driver was going too quickly and lost control on a bend


This van driver was going too quickly and lost control on a bendCredit: TikTok – uk_dash_cam_shorts

As the TikTok channel’s name suggests, the video was shot using a dash cam in a car, showing its forward view.

It begins on a two-lane road, suggesting that the speed limit could be as much as 70mph.

The road is bending around to the left as the video starts and the camera car is making its way along the inside lane.

Immediately a van is seen passing the camera car at high speed and moves into the inside lane ahead.

As it does, the van starts to spin and it begins to drift around the corner at speed.

For a moment it looks like the van driver has caught the slide and will be OK, but it quickly turns out they haven’t.

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In fact, the van driver over-corrects and the van swings the other way slamming into the barrier head-on.

The van then comes to a stop in the middle of the road and the camera car carries on past.

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There are various reasons why the van could have lost control and hit the barrier.

Its tyres could have been worn out resulting in a lack of grip, or the van could have been empty.

With no weight over the rear wheels, a violent left turn and coming off the accelerator will throw the weight forward and send it into a spin.

The driver doesn't catch the spin and smashes into the barrier


The driver doesn’t catch the spin and smashes into the barrierCredit: TikTok – uk_dash_cam_shorts
The camera car catches everything and drives on past


The camera car catches everything and drives on pastCredit: TikTok – uk_dash_cam_shorts
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