Watch the Jubilant Christmas Message These Surprised Tesla Owners Got From Their Car

These Tesla owners have loved their electric car, ever since they carefully decided to wade into the EV world—and they’ve never regretted the move.

The lower fuel costs have roughly equaled the higher purchase price, and they do feel good about making less of an impact on the planet as they drive.

Their Tesla also provided a holiday surprise for the owners in the form of a dazzling Christmas light show.

After downloading the latest operating software for the vehicle, the Tesla instructed Dave to press the start button and then get out and enjoy a special message.

Dave and his wife watched as the car began to play a majestic orchestral performance of Carol of the Bells, synchronized with not only the lights on the car, but the movements of the trunk, mirrors, windows, and charge port.

The whole family watched in amazement as the exciting holiday greeting emerged from their car.

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Another feature they found was a cozy fireplace video that plays on the control screen, synchronized with the heaters in the car that send out a gentle warm breeze to match the fire. Aptly referred to as “romance” on the control menu, this caused a giggle as the screen lit up.

Another ‘Easter egg’ the found in the software was the option to play the sound of coconuts clopping as the car drives—reminiscent of the epic scene from Monty Python as the knights gallop across the highlands without horses.

WATCH the Christmas light display below…

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