What is the paleo food regimen and the way does it work?

The paleo food regimen has grow to be fashionable as a result of it’s seen as a pure approach of consuming. It is predicated on the diets of paleolithic people and focuses on rising the consumption of meat, nuts and recent fruit and greens, and it limits the quantity of grains and processed meals consumed. 

Many celebrities have embraced the paleo food regimen, additional popularizing it, however there’s little scientific proof to again up the supposed well being advantages. In some instances it appears to hold extra threat than reward, with medical doctors suggested to watch out with sufferers with osteoporosis following the paleo food regimen – because of the low calcium consumption. Additionally, there have been connections made between crimson meat consumption and bowel most cancers, which doesn’t ring true with one of many core paleo food regimen rules of consuming grass-fed meat. 

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