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What to do if somebody is choking: Quick-thinking Third-grade instructor saves 9-year-old boy from bottle cap with Heimlich maneuver

EAST ORANGE, New Jersey — One instructor’s fast pondering at a college in New Jersey might have saved the lifetime of a scholar.

Robert, a 9-year-old scholar, was in his math class Wednesday when he wanted a spit of water.

But he could not get the cap off along with his palms.

“And then I started it with my teeth and then I was squeezing it a little and then the water pushed the cap to my throat,” Robert stated.

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That’s when Robert began choking on the cap.

“I was going to the sink trying to cough it out and I couldn’t so I ran very quickly to Ms. Jenkins,” Robert stated.

And Ms. Jenkins acted instantly.

“He was pointing to his neck and he’s all flustered,” East Orange Community Charter School third-grade instructor Janiece Jenkins stated. “He can’t talk so then I just turn him around I perform the Heimlich maneuver and here we are.”

Robert has been a scholar on the constitution faculty since pre-Okay so, naturally, the varsity is his second dwelling.

The faculty administration referred to as Robert’s mother to let her know what occurred.

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