Why does consuming pineapple make your mouth tingle?

A wonderfully ripe pineapple could be a trouble to search out and carve, however when you’re all the way down to these golden rings, you’ve got bought an ideal summer time companion. From piña coladas to pizza, the juicy hunks could be onerous to give up — till the within of your mouth begins to really feel weirdly uncooked. 

If one too many bites of pineapple depart you with a tingly tongue, burning cheeks or a determined want to scratch the within of your mouth, you are not alone. The offender is probably going an enzyme complicated referred to as bromelain, in line with a 2019 letter within the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Bromelain is a protease — a kind of enzyme that breaks down proteins into their constructing blocks, often called amino acids — that is distinctive to pineapples, which is why pineapples are additionally wonderful meat tenderizers. 

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